Vote Democrat

Why do Jewish Americans vote Democrat? This is one of the questions that have been popping up for many years. Many have stated a lot of reasons for that. It is very much accepted fact that it has a lot to do with their culture and upbringing.

Election Results

After the election results were announced, there was a significant win by Democrats in the predominant parts of the country. New Jersey needs a special mention because Phil Murphy’s victory ended the eight-year-long Republican reign in the state. The victory of the Democratic candidate in New Jersey was the one that caught the attention of most of the people, and it raised a lot of questions.

Phil Murphy’s

A Deep Dive

It was after that we understood a lot of things. It is said that nearly 73 percent of the American Jews support Democratic candidates and identify themselves as liberals. The interesting part is that they would vote for Democrats no matter what.

The main reason that was stated by Sipro is for the Jewish Americans voting for Democrats is that it is in their blood. We didn’t get the hang of it in the beginning. But later we came to know that Jews by nature has the drive to do good to the world and their motive is to repair the world. It has been their practice for centuries. So it is a very normal thing for the Jew to have a social responsibility. It is coded in their DNA, and there is nothing you can do about it. If you are still a bit skeptical about it, just take a look at the winners of Nobel Prize.  Most of the Nobel Prize winners in the field of math, science and medicine will be Jews.

The History

It was during the 19th century they came to the US. They had a major role to play in the labor movement. It actually paved ways for them to become leaders. They involved in a lot of things like the civil right, women empowerment and other causes that led to social progressiveness. This impacted their political views and reflected in the elections. For more than a century they have been voting for Democrats. The two exceptions were Jimmy Carter who received 45 percent of the Jewish American Votes and Eugene Debs who got 40 percent of the Jewish votes.

social progressiveness

The Dominance

The Jews have had a lot of influence, in various aspects. They have played a major role in civilizing the human race by bringing in the concepts like monotheism, justice courts and a lot of other things. They have been flag bearers of education, peaceful living and social responsibility.


The Jewish Bible and the Jewish teachings have a large role to play in our everyday lives. Their impact is so much that it has penetrated into normal living.  So being liberals from the very beginning, the Jewish Ideologies very much go along with the Democrats. This is the reason why the majority of the Jewish votes go for Democrats.