Foreign Policy

The United States of America is a nation that is very synonymous for its diversity. It is actually one of the characteristic features that define this great nation. They have always been welcoming of foreign people, and these people have also contributed a lot to the country’s economy. But that is not the case of late. After Trump took the seat of the president things, have not been great for people who want to get into America. The reason for this is John Bolton.

In the financial statement that he submitted the one thing that stood out was the 40000 dollar payment that he received for speech that he gave in 2016 to MEK which is an Iranian Terrorist Group. This terrorist group is dedicated to taking down the Iran Government and has been responsible for various bomb blasts in many parts of Iran. His association in the terrorist group raised a lot of speculation. In a speech in 2016, he openly stated that the reign of MEK must be overthrown at the earliest.

lot of speculation

But when you are dragged into this kind of an issue which can impact things at a very large scale just words are not enough to clarify things. The National Security Advisor has some really dangerous views. If a person is who holds a very important position in the government is supporting or even involved in a terrorist group is not a good thing for the nation. There are very good possibilities that he must have been paid good amounts for his support and his speeches.

One more thing that needs to be highlighted is that he is pro Israel. It is not just another statement. There is solid evidence that he has a lot of connections with the national security of Israel and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. One of the key members of Israel stated that John actually has so many regards for Israel defense.

Most of the former defense authorities have stated that it has been nothing but chaos under Bolton. What he is doing is exactly the opposite of what should be done. The priorities of Bolton are completely wrong, and it is not going to do any good for the nation. The meetings that are concerned with national security have become a very rare event.

If there is always chaos and if there is no clarity on what is happening, people will be so much into it, and that is exactly what he needs. The best example that the stance that he has taken in the North Korean nuclear weapon issue. With the person like Trump ruling, we can only pray that the US military does not attack any other nation as it will cause a lot of destruction.

All the people who raised their voices when Bolton was appointed by Trump was right then, and people who are raising their voices against him are right now. US foreign policies for the next two years is something that we need to worry.