Barr And Muller

Nothing in this world is permanent. Even the most protected and precious might slip out anyone’s hands. If that is the case for things, then you need not have any second thoughts about relationships. One move is all it takes to break the strongest relationships. One of those friendships that have been discussed recently was the friendship between Barr and Muller.

Barr and Muller have reported to be friends. But things do not seem that way after one of the particular comments. It is very much evident and actually raises a big doubt that something is going on between them. When Muller’s letter and conversations between them were discussed, Barr actually stated that Muller had the potential and he could have prevented it. More than anything before the letter came out Bob Muller actually had the opportunity to review it once more. But he declined the opportunity. That actually stings a bit. The evidence for the rift between these two just keeps on adding and adding.

slip out anyone’s hand

William Barr who is the Attorney General on Wednesday pushed back complaints from Robert Muller over the handling of the report of the Russia Investigation. Even though the tensions are between Muller’s team and Justice Department, the concentration and focus were more on what was happening between the two individuals William Barr and Robert Muller.

According to Barr, he was very surprised that the report that was submitted by Muller did not have any conclusions regarding President Trump’s actions to obstruct justice. Barr also mentioned that the report was not as requested. Since it is very sensitive material, it took weeks of work for the justice department. He was also very clear it was intended for the public.

Barr was really not happy with the report that was submitted. In his words, Muller has investigated more to arrive at a very solid conclusion. On the contrary, Muller has stated the William Barr has not come out of the entire story and also he has not brought out the entire investigation findings.

After the letters were revealed, the most expected things happened. There were a lot of allegations from the Democrats. They openly stated that the findings from the investigation are very much in Trump’s favor. The next accusation was that Muller was misleading the lawmakers the whole month when he was actually stating that he was unaware of the concerns in the team.


Barr was given the opportunity to explain the actions of his team when he appeared before the Senate Judiciary committee while the Democratic senators were just questioned his actions.

About half a dozen times Barr actually repeated that Muller’s investigation did not find any solid evidence to come to any conclusion that there was a collusion between Russia and the campaign. The special counsel stated that collusion is not a legal term that can be used; they also made sure to point out the various contacts between Russia and the campaign.