Racism To The Rescue

Racism has always been one of those topics that been in discussion for a long time. It is just the degrees, and the intensity varies from time to time. The issue has been there for a period of time. For people who are creating this issue deep down will know that they are doing it for their own good and there is nothing more to it.

During the 1980s it was there was a lot of concern about the nuclear threat. There were a lot of discussions going on among the intellects and idiots of the society that World War Three is about to break out and there is going to be a huge massacre. Some of the countries were actually very much threatened by the genocide. Even though the war did not happen, the discussions were an active part of daily life.


During the 1990s the general population came to know about Global Warming and a lot of other things like the destruction that plastic causes to the ecosystem. One of the very common things that we can hear was the capitalists greedy adults was killing the earth for their advantage. Even though the predominant contribution was from a few every individual had a part to play in it.

One of the issues that are going on among the youth of the country is gun control. The whole world has heard about the school shooting that happened. The fact that innocent kids died inside the classrooms shook the whole world. This a very different kind of issue where the kids are asking to save them from kids. By indulging in these kinds of activities, we are clearly painting a picture that the entire generation is psychopaths. This is the main reason why people do not believe in the present generation who proclaim themselves to be advanced in many aspects.

We are not saying that there is no fear of nuclear war or other environmental catastrophes. Getting totally fried like the Judgment Day or the fear of living life like Water World is still an issue. The man-made climate changes are affecting us drastically. But these were the issues that we have regardless of race. To add fuel to the fire comes the immigration problem.

regardless of race

The US district judge Richard Seeborg halted Trump’s administration policy of making the asylum seekers to wait till their claims are herd by the government. The government has released nearly 17000 asylum seekers into the country. It is very much evident that someone like Kris Kobach should handle things.

In this particular issue, it is not that country that is the problem, it is the people. If someone is tweeting that Guatemala is a place with some violent people, they should also know that so is Mexico. When teen activists asked to save kids from other kids, it was idiotic. But when brow people are asking to save them, other brown people, it is not.