Democratic Subpoena

The President of the United States Of America, Donald Trump has always managed to be new for both the right and wrong reasons. This time he is here for the right decision that he took by defying the Democratic Subpoena. In this article, we will see why what he did was right.

One of the things that made headlines in the recent past was President Trump stopping to cooperate or even listen to things that he considers as a conspiracy to destroy him and his reputation. According to his words,” We are fighting all the subpoenas.” During his interview, he mentioned that” These aren’t like imperial people. The Democrats are out to win 2020.”

The White House will invoke executive privilege by denying the house executive committee as the Treasury Department is pressing to deliver Trump’s Tax returns. They have also denied accessing the ex-white house counsel, Mr Don McGahn. He was actually interrogated for 30 hours by Robert Muller’s team.

The justice department has also withholding itself from the oversight committee which is currently dealing with the addition of the citizenship status in the 2020 census.

The press release from the White House mentioned that they are not going to cooperate for something that is going to cause a distraction for them. We are not here to lay the role in the scripts that they have made. We will resist their subpoenas till the end, and it is up for the people to decide about Trump’s presidency.

Rep.Gerald Connolly motioned that they respect the limits of every government body and they respect of the roles that they play. It is more like the oil that helps for the smooth functioning of the machine.

They say that both the Democratic House and the Republican House have respect for each other. But the bitter truth is that it ended long back and it does not exist even a little bit.

The campaign for the 2020 elections has begun, and there is huge stake involved. It is not just the government bodies and parties the Supreme Court is also involved in it. Many Democrats have refused to accept the success. It took nearly 50 years to win the court and make them into bodies to give liberal justice.

In 20 years the Republicans have won only two elections. It is important that everyone needs to know that Democrats have resolved, so the constitution will be rewritten and abolish the Electoral College. Voting right is more important than the right to live.

right to live

The problem for Democrats?

We all know for a fact that America is one of the most diverse countries in the world. It is diverse in terms of race, religion, culture, ethnicity and ideology and it is not something that is being stagnant. All of these things seem to be growing on a daily basis.

The Democratic Party is actually more affected in the current situation. But that should not be the case as there is a huge disease called the Trumpism going on the Republican Party.