All the efforts of the Democratic Party to push Hillary Clinton into the White House went vain. Even with the campaigning and canvassing of the charismatic former President Obama did not work out.

In the present situation, 18 out of 50 governors are Democrats. Even in the state legislative members, 31 out of 99 are Democrats. They also have complete control of the GOP in Washington. The outcome of 2016 is a clear statement that there are opportunities to strengthen their presence in various states. But it takes some effective strategies and highly calculated moves. Rather than concentrating on various other things, it is the perfect time to take steps to improve the strength of the party at the local levels.

Traps to look out for

It is not enough to be tactical. It is also important to be careful. At this point of time, no member of the Democratic Party can afford to be careless. There are a lot of traps that need to be avoided. The competition and the fight between the supporters are not going to contribute anything. Coming out with statements like if the constitution allows he can win the third time are things that need to be avoided.

New Conversation

Following the same tactics for elections is one trap that they should avoid. They know for a fact that it did not work out. Major modifications have to be done, or they should come with a new strategy. It is because it did not work out in the first place and there are new issues that need to be addressed in the present.

Sticking on to the old target audience is one of those traps that they need to avoid. They need to come up with a new message that will captivate people. As of now the working class are the ones who are largely dissatisfied with the way things running. Hence it is essential to capitalize on that.

Things that can be effective

Improve and device proper strategies

With the technology available there is a lot that can be done. It is not even necessary that you need to get data illegally. With the data that is available legally, there are that they can do which will have a proper impact. Different kinds of people can be targeted with different methods. The right message at the right time to the right person will definitely have a considerable impact on their mindset.

Capitalize who already render their support

This is not a very new thing. But at the same time just because they are already supporting the party that does not mean that the party can be chilled out about it. It is essential that they take the necessary steps to retain their trust and support.

Work for the future

It is very evident that you have lost in the past and you are gaining your strengths in the present. So it is mandatory that you need to put a lot of efforts into the future. Things, like deciding on the proper candidates and strategizing for both fundraising and campaigning, should be in full swing.