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The History Of The United States Republican Party
The History of the United States Republican Party

Most profoundly known as the "Grand Old Party", the United States Republican Party makes up one of the two parties, that have been active in the U.S. since the mid-1800's. These parties were both political and considered to be the…

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The History of the United States Republican Party

The History of the United States Republican Party

Most profoundly known as the “Grand Old Party”, the United States Republican Party makes up one of the two parties, that have been active in the U.S. since the mid-1800’s. These parties were both political and considered to be the two main choices between who and how the U.S. was run back in the day, up until today.

The Republican Party is best known as the party that was founded in 1854, that opposed the acts of slavery into any Western regions or land. The party was thus implemented to protect the rights of people who were considered as the minority in the U.S.

Protecting the rights of Americans, especially after the Civil War, seemed extremely important to those who were actively involved in the party. The party fought for the freedom of African Americans and up until today, still, do.
Regardless of what the U.S. is currently experiencing with the Trump winning the latest election and claiming the title of president in the White House, the Republican Party still stands for the rights of others. The party has become socially conservative in recent years and favoured a smaller government to prove it. They prefer a government that has less regulation, less federal intervention when it comes to the economy, as well as lower taxes.

Republicans on Slavery

The political parties ripped brought an end to coalitions, such as the Federalist Party, and even formed new parties, which are known today as the Democratic Party. The party, which was known as Whigs was also established, as well as Free-Soilers, which lead Americans and Democrats that were against their parties, to implement a new party, which was known as the Republican Party.

After the Republican Party was established, the election for the party’s candidates was chosen.

The Reconstruction of the Republican Party

During the period of the civil war, President Abraham Lincoln, an Emancipation Proclamation was issued by him. It occurred in 1863, as the civil war came to an end.

The majority in Congress at the time, which were mostly Republican, wanted to abolish the 13th Amendment, to end slavery altogether. Many Republicans were angry with Lincoln and his inaction towards slavery.

The rights of black and non-white individuals were extremely violated, and the Republicans wanted to work towards protecting the rights of black people, as well as implement civil, and voting rights.

Progression After the Great Depression

Due to the nature of the Progressive movements, the Republican Party’s has worked towards improving the lives of working-class Americans, and have even succeeded in encouraging Protestant values, which also added to progressive economic, social, as well as labour reforms.

This progressive period has lead to many Americans turning Republican, due to so many benefitting from the freedom that was offered after the Great Depression. Unfortunately, many Americans blamed Republicans, after the stock-market crash, and once again turned towards the Democratic Party, Franklin D. Roosevelt, which defeated the Republican Party at the time, with Herbert Hoover in 1932.

Till today Democrats make up, up to 31% of voters in the U.S, while only 24% make up Republican, leaving the rest voting for independent parties.

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